Legacy Explorer 3.1 Enhances Reports


Objektum Modernization, leading application modernization technology vendors and innovators, announced today the availability of their application insight tool, Legacy Explorer 3.1. This latest release provides enhanced reports to enable even greater understanding of legacy applications. Legacy Explorer currently supports COBOL, FoxPro, RPG, C/C++, VB6 and Ada.

Legacy Explorer generates multiple reports and views of software applications and version 3.1 introduces the traceability matrix between system capabilities and components to external data sources. This new report provides profound insight into the application in question and offers an additional level of understanding as one can see how the databases and data files are called by the software.

Legacy Explorer 3.1 has also been updated to integrate with the latest versions of the modelling tools as part of Objektum Modernization’s commitment to providing the highest quality software tools. The updated interface with Enterprise Architect 9.1 and enhanced integration has further improved the generation time and scalability.

“Objektum Modernization’s mission to provide the best technology and tools for maintaining and modernizing legacy applications is reflected in the level of innovation seen in the company each day and the rapidity at which improvements are being made and implemented into releases”, says Managing Director, Catherine Robson.  “Our customers, partners and internal team are enthused by the developments in the tool and we are delighted by the ever-growing satisfied customer base and partnerships across the world.”