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100% Code Generation From UML

When organizations chose to develop software using UML and code generation, typically only the static model is used to generate the code, resulting in the structure of the code being the only part automatically created.  Unfortunately this leaves a large continue reading

Language Feature: COBOL

Todd, Software Engineer at Objektum Solutions, discusses what he has learnt about the legacy language, COBOL… Having just started my career as a software engineer, I was only really peripherally aware of COBOL (or Cobol); my knowledge only extending so continue reading

Obsolete Programming Languages

Experienced software engineer, Fiona provides us with another insightful post on programming languages and modernization… With technology changing and advancing so rapidly, the programming languages which sit behind the gadgets we love are also evolving and changing. Languages often become continue reading

Interview with Selex Galileo

Companies across the globe are continuing to allow legacy technology negatively impact their business because they either unsure as to what to do or feel it is too risky or costly to modernize their applications. The reality is that there continue reading