Make Your Documents Useful Again

Documents are an invaluable source of critical business information when performing application maintenance, streamlining business processes, planning a modernization strategy or performing analysis activities.

Businesses typically have a wealth of documentation which:

  • Is no longer applicable or is out of date
  • Contains critical knowledge obscured by irrelevant detail
  • Is vital to the business but is inconsistent or poorly structured
  • Distributes information across many disparate sources
  • Does not conform to project or industry standards

Our Document Explorer technology automatically extracts information that is critical to your business allowing you to utilise it in ways you never thought possible.

Product Overview
Analyse & Transform Your Documents

The Document Explorer allows any type of document to be analysed; including plain text, Word, RTF, Spreadsheet and PDF.

Our unique technology automatically constructs a detailed model, from the source documents, which can be normalised and then transformed into any output.

The normalisation process allows:

  • Detection of errors and inconsistencies in the source documents
  • Performing of automatic error correction
  • Classifying and categorisation of terms and statements
  • Identifying relationships and automatic creation of navigable links

The Document Explorer’s configurable, rules-based generator then transforms the normalised model to provide an enhanced understanding, of the source documents, allowing informed decisions to be made.

The Document Explorer has been developed to ensure that business make the most of their existing documentation. It has been successfully deployed to:

  • Merge and link multiple documents within a centralised repository
  • Generate a single report from multiple sources
  • Normalise inconsistent and unstructured documents
  • Consolidate distributed application requirements
  • Identify and extract business rules
  • Create tailored views of information for specific needs

If your existing documents are not providing the information you need the Document Explorer is the solution.

Increases document usability

Help define a modernization strategy that can be automated as much as possible

Allows an iterative approach to document analysis and generation
Promotes reuse of legacy documentation

Automates business rule identification directly from existing documentation

Enhances the efficiency of application maintenance by providing focussed documentation
Save time by rapidly identifying relevant information in complex documents

Supports the planning, estimation and implementation of application modernization

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