Business Rules Explorer

Mining For Business Rules

Do you need to understand business rules and processes that are hidden among thousands or even millions of lines of source code? Attempting to uncover these rules is a daunting task and highly prone to errors.

Business rules are the essential part of any business application; they protect the company against losses, keep the customers happy, defend against competition and implement the choices that determine how a business conducts itself. Business rules are a critical part of any organization and an in-depth understanding is essential before attempting to modernize or maintain any business application.

Our Business Rules Explorer provides an easy to use interface that allows you to analyse, identify and refine a large number of expressions into a few meaningful business strategies, retaining a full and highly abstracted view of application functionality.

Product Overview
Engineer Your Business Rules

Using our clearly defined engineering process the Business Rules Explorer provides a highly automated approach to business rules mining allowing you to abstract away from the details of the implementation.

The Business Rules Explorer is fully integrated with the Legacy Explorer, for rapid extraction of expressions directly from the application source code, as well as the Document Explorer, for identification of candidate business rules from any project documentation.

The Business Rules Explorer can be used in two possible scenarios; where the project has only source code or where there is both source code and documentation.

Source Code Only

The extracted expressions are analysed to identify candidate business rules. Using highly advanced search and filtering capabilities as well as our unique GoToSource feature makes the identification and linking of business rules seem almost effortless.

Designed with organisation and team working in mind, our simple drag and drop interface provides the capability to easily group expressions and assign responsibilities.

Code and Documentation

Where project documentation may contain some of the business processes, integrated use of the Document Explorer will automatically extract them and populate the Business Rules database. The Business Rules browser is then available to allocate responsibility to and structure the extracted information.

Again the advanced features of the Business Rules Explorer allow engineers to easily link expressions to the restructured business rules; providing a complete picture of business practices and their current implementation.


The numerous reports that can be generated provide comprehensive views of the business rules, allocation of expressions and a complete audit trail of the engineering process activities. Metrics can also be produced to help with project planning.

Provides an in-depth understanding of existing business rules and their implementation

Reduces maintenance effort and cost through a better understanding of current business rule implementation

Reduces business dependency on application specialists
Preserves key business capabilities during application modernization

Improves productivity through identification of redundant business rules

Helps to ensure business goals are correctly implemented
Helps to plan and track application modernization activities

Facilitates communication between business stakeholders and development teams

Allows innovation to ensure that the competitive edge is maintained

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