proof of solution

The Problem

When it comes to finding a solution for solving complex technical problems, most businesses go no further than presenting an abstract document that explains all the maybes and possibilities, using words such as “if”, “could” “might”. In other words there is no certainty or proof that what you invest in will actually work! This is what is called a “Proof of Concept” (PoC). As a client do you really want to hear what MIGHT work or do you want to see a running application that proves the technology and de-risks your investment?

Product Overview
Our Approach

Objektum Modernization goes above and beyond what “might” work and PROVE our technology and solutions will do exactly what you need.

We execute a “Proof of Solution” (PoS) which results in the following 2 activities:


A serious investigation to understand the customer’s specific issues, the legacy system and the desired target architecture so that we deliver a solution that provides the maximum level of automation possible. This significantly de-risks any future engagement and the technology demonstrator provides concrete evidence that our solution is viable.


A technology demonstrator that proves how we can successfully address the client’s requirements with an agreed data set. This provides tangible proof that we can solve your problems and facilitates gathering requirements for the deliverable solution.

Our approach provides a comprehensive and vital way of proving that our solution is the answer to your problem. Every care is taken to analyse and address all the potential pitfalls that will occur, if you simply do an abstract study (PoC).

So if you are serious about de-risking your investment and want peace of mind when deciding on a modernization solution, Objektum Modernization's Proof Of solution is the only serious option. Please get in touch if you want real proof that we can help you!